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Texas - Thunderstorm & Tornado Central

10/15/2020 (Permalink)

Aftermath of a house after a tornado touched down in Dallas Aftermath of a house after a tornado touched down in Dallas

Texas has the unlucky statistic of being the state with the most thunderstorms, and tornadoes that touch down. With these weather events you may get lightening, high winds, flash floods, and hail.  Texas is one of the few ill-fated states to get hail, with Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri being the other targets.  For Texans, this can lead not only to property damage to your home and car, but to person loss of life and injury.  Here are a couple tips to help when these events occur:

Make sure you have surge protectors linked to all major electronics and appliances.

Think about installing high impact windows and wind shutters.

Consider installing several heavy bolt locks on outside doors.

If you have advanced notice of bad weather coming, either find a place inside for outside items like patio furniture or tie items down.  In addition, find a place to park your car inside.

Unfortunately, no matter the preparation, these events will cause damage, we can only hope to minimize it.  Please call SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas to help with any of your storm related damage at 214-463-5880.

An Annual Routine to Start for the Fall Season

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

Overgrown Trees Around a House Overgrown Trees Around a House and Power Lines In Oak Cliff area of Dallas

We are in the middle of storm season in North Texas, that means lots of big swings from one day to the next with temperature and rain.  Storms can create a lot of debris which can supply the perfect environment for further damage.  Leaves can fall in gutters blocking the path for water to escape safely, instead finding a pathway into your house or down the side of your house.  Rotting leaves can also be a great environment for pests to thrive and create damage to your home allowing a path for the outside environment to intrude the inside.  Dry leaves can also be the perfect kindling to ignite or continue a fire.  Make sure to check your gutters every 2-4 weeks during storm season. Additionally, tree branches can blow onto roofs or get tangled in telephone wires.  Make it a habit to trim branches back and analyze any tree movement after big storms.

If you need assistance with storm damage, give SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas a call.

The Wild Weather of Texas

9/30/2020 (Permalink)

The weather in Texas is anything but routine.  One day it is extreme heat, the next it feels cool and rainy for extended periods of time.  We often get hurricanes with a couple tornadoes mixed in here and there throughout the year.  What is the cause of this?  Texas is a very large land mass with a big mix of climates, a mixture of things goes into creating this wild weather.  One is the fairly close distance to the equator.  Texas ranges from around 26-37 degrees latitude. 90 degrees represent the ends at the poles.  A second reason is the proximity to water with the Gulf of Mexico being a border.  These first 2 items account for the heat, humidity and winds, the other element in this concoction is cold air brought down from Canada. While we mostly enjoy the warmer weather in Texas, as the Boy Scouts say, Always Be Prepared!

If this weather causes any storm damage, give SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas a call!

2020 Hurricane Season is One for the Record Books...Already

9/29/2020 (Permalink)

It's been a wild and crazy hurricane season thus far, as of September 22nd, we have had 23 storms named in the Atlantic which is the most this early into the season.  We have had 9 already make landfall which again is a record this early in the season most notably affecting Louisiana and the surrounding states.  Massive amounts of rainfall have also caused havoc for unaffected hurricane areas. 

At SERVPRO, we mobilize as a national team to come out in force to help as many people as possible.  There are few national mitigation companies and even fewer that that have the technology, processes and strength in numbers to tackle such a large endeavor.  The days are long and the logistics can be challenging but we have great people with great hearts ready to put the hours in to get people back on their feet!

If there is a storm a'brewin, SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas is prepared to step-in and clean-up anything that may come your way!

Storm Damage Mitigation

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Storm Damage from Fallen Trees Fallen Trees Cause Water Damage to a Home in Dallas

If your commercial or residential property in Dallas or the surrounding areas of DFW has unfortunately been damaged by a storm, and a roof leak or or situation has caused water damage, the team at SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas is here to help.  Our IICRC certified technicians can help pinpoint the areas that have sustained water damage, even if they are not visible to the naked eye.  Our equipment, such as moisture meters, thermal cameras, hygrometers, etc., help us to determine the correct amount of equipment necessary to dry down the structure and limit secondary damage.  If the storm has knocked out power, we can also bring in a generator in order to run drying equipment so that you can get back to your home or business as usual as quickly as possible.  If a storm causes water damage to your home, call us today at SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas.

Flood Damage from Storms

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Affected Stairwell in Irving after a Storm Water Damaged Stairwell After A Storm

When a storm causes a downpour resulting in flood damage, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas to help out.  Our experienced team has been called on to help out with storm damage from flooding in the Midwest, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, as well as many other locales.  When a sudden storm causes damage to your home, it is important to start the drying process as soon as possible.  In addition, it is important that the area be treated for contaminants that may have infiltrated your property from the outside, which may cause health issues for occupants if not addressed right away.  Finally, it is important to have an experienced team like SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas that follows the correct protocols every time, because if it is a covered event for insurance purposes, the insurance provider will expect everything to be in order.  Call us today.

Flood Damage? No Problem - We Are Here to Help!

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

Flood Waters Next to a Flood Wall We are to help with any flood emergency

Storm damage, especially from flooding, can be disastrous to a residential or commercial property owner. 

After the floodwaters regress, the charge of restoring your property begins. It can be wearisome. Most everyone wants to return their property and start the restoration process. 

However, It is crucial to understand that if the flood was severe enough to require evacuation, it is equally essential to stay safe when you return.   

Consider the following before you re-enter your property:

  • First, contact all your utility companies to ensure that electric and gas are turned off and sewer lines are intact. 
  • Check for any visible structural damage like loosened or cracked foundation, other cracks or holes that would make it dangerous to enter. 
  • Once you enter the structure, look for warping of ceilings or drywall damage. 

SEVRPRO of Southwest Dallas will help!. Depending on the amount of damage, water can impact wood and drywall that has either been submerged for a long or a short period. Left professionally untreated continuing problems such as the deterioration of wood and wall coverings as well as the development of mold can develop 

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas has access to an extensive inventory of recovery equipment. We have qualified professionals to respond to emergencies and disasters of any size or severity.

With 24/7 response, our professionals offer effective mitigation service designed to save our customers time and money on the restoration work that their home or business requires. Our fast response to water loss emergencies can prevent structural degradation and the formation of hazardous mold colonies. 

No matter the emergency or when it occurs, our team can make it “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas (214) 463-5880 for water damage mitigation and restoration needs. 

So What Is The Difference Between A Severe Weather Watch And Warning?

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

A Large Tornado In Texas With Lightning! Understand the difference between a severe thunderstorm watch and warning.

So, exactly what is the difference between a Severe Thunderstorms Watch and Severe Thunderstorm Warning.  Let’s test our knowledge.

Get Prepared when there is a Severe Thunderstorm Watch.  This means that severe thunderstorms are possible in and near the watch area.  It is important to stay informed and be prepared to act if a severe thunderstorm warning is issued by the national weather service.  Typically, a watch area covers several counties and states. 

Take Action when a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued.  Radar or spotters have reported that there is severe weather.  These warnings are not to be taken lightly.  There could be an imminent danger to life and property.  Take shelter immediately.  Leave mobile homes. They can blow over easily in high winds.  It is important to understand that warning typically cover a smaller area like a city or town.  The area may be impacted by large hail or damaging winds that have been identified by a national weather service forecaster on radar or a trained spotter or law enforcement official who is watching the storm.

At SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas, your safety is our first concern.  In the event, that you need storm clean up assistance after a storm large or small.  Call us (214) 463-5880 for 24/7 emergency service.  We can help with any severe storm damage and board up service.

Have A Pet Readiness Plan In Place In Case Of An Emergency!

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

A Happy Corgi Walking in the Rain Make sure to take care of your pets during a weather emergency.

A good thing to keep in mind is when there is a weather-related disaster. What is right for you is also suitable for your pets. Don’t leave your pets alone. They may be injured lost or worse. Consider options for the safety of your pet.

  • Create a pet buddy system if you are not at home.  Have a trust neighbor check on your pets. 
  • Make a pet emergency kit with portable bowls three days of food and water and some of their favorite toys and treats.
  • Contact your veterinarian.  Obtain all up to date health and shot records for your pet.
  • Know where local animal hospitals and veterinarians are located. 
  • Add their contact information to your own personal emergency list.
  • Make sure that your pet is microchipped with an up to date phone number and contact information. 
  • If for some reason you cannot return home right away locate a boarding facility

We understand at SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas that your pets are your family. And, that it is crucial to take precautions for them too.
Once everyone is safe, and out of harm’s way, when you need assistance with your flood, fire, or water emergency, we are available to help 24/7.

September is Severe Weather Preparedness Month!

9/4/2019 (Permalink)

Severe Thunderstorm Clouds In The Sky Looming Over A City When Mother Nature Strikes - Make sure that you are prepared in advance!

The month of September is National Preparedness Month. offers several server weather safety tips. Severe weather can happen at any time and can include thunderstorms, damaging winds, tornadoes, hail, flooding. And, we still need to consider winter weather storms like freezing rain, sleet, and strong winds. All can leave residents of our communities at extreme risk. 

Weather disasters can happen at any time. This is why at SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas, we recommend that our communities take action before severe weather strikes. 

Make an emergency and evacuation plan and communicate it to your family or employees. 

  • Put a plan in place
  • Make sure that you consider any special needs of your family or employees
  • Write out an emergency plan
  • Practice your plan 

Keep informed about emergency alerts

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas encourages you to be aware of the steps to take when Mother Nature strikes! In the event of a storm emergency, we are here to help with any commercial or residential restoration needs. Give us a call (214) 463-5880. We will restore your property, “Like it never even happened.”

Storm and Water Damage Restoration Professionals

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage to a Home!

Severe weather storms can cause destruction to your home or commercial property in an instant.  It can be overwhelming when disaster strikes, creating an unhealthy home or business for your family, employees, and customers.  At SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas, we understand that and have helped many property owners recovery as quickly as possible.

After the storm passes, most want to access any damage as quickly as possible.  But it is essential to stay safe.  Be careful of any hazards like broken glass, fallen limbs, standing water, downed powerlines, etc.  Follow any instructions that are given to the community by the police, fire, and utility companies. If there is the smell of gas, shut the main gas line off and open windows and doors.  Stay outside until help arrives. 

Next check for any structural damage to your property.  Look for leaks, holes in the roof, missing shingles, cracked or broken tile, dents, and ding in gutters, vents or flashing, cracks in brick, damage to the siding of your home.  Take a look at the windows and doors to ensure that there were no leaks or damage due to flying debris.  Make sure that outdoor appliances like air conditioners, grills are in good working order.  If you have a basement, see if the sump pump is working and there is no water in the basement.

If the event that there is damage to the exterior of your property that may allow water, pest, etc. into your home or business, call SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas for board up service.  We are available to you for emergency service 24/7, including holidays.

Contact your insurance provider right away.  They can instruct you the steps to take to expedite your claim. 

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas will be available to handle any of your disaster recovery services from flooding, water damage, and fire.  We will take time to explain our process to ensure that your property returns to "Like it never even happened."

Call us today for all your storm damage, mitigation, and restoration needs (214) 463-5880!

Flood Damage Removal And Remediation In Dallas

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO extract all your flood damage fears.

We can put you at ease.

With Joe Pool and Mountain Creek Lakes right in the city limits, Dallas residents can be very familiar with flooding in their area. Depending on the storm that causes the lakes to break their banks, water in homes can cover the garage floor, or find its way into every room in the house. 

Remediating and removing Dallas flood damage takes a professional service with the best equipment available. SERVPRO response teams train extensively to extract and detect water, deodorize and dry the home, and dispose of the property too damaged for repair. 

After a flood, team members use Extraction equipment to draw out all visible floodwater and any amount trapped in carpets and wood floors. They use industrial-grade pumps for levels more than two inches high and smaller devices designed for removing surface water and drawing it from carpets and between floorboards. 

Not all floodwater is visible, however. Technicians use Detection equipment to find floodwater underneath floors and behind walls. Moisture meters can detect any levels above normal for the inside of a home and pinpoint the location. Once identified, team members lift floorboards to access water in the sub-floor. They also remove floor trim and drill a hole into affected drywall panels to allow water to drain. 

To speed up the evaporation process, SERVPRO technicians install Air Moving and Dehumidification equipment. The air movers generate warm, dry air team members can direct into the sub-floor and behind walls which forces moisture out. To capture and remove it, they use dehumidifiers that can pull up from the air up to 25 gallons every 24 hours, depending on the moisture level. 

Since floodwater contains dirt and other contaminants, it also contains odors that technicians use Deodorization equipment and chemical agents to remove. Technicians have access to spray pumps to treat affected surfaces directly, and foggers and ozone machines to create particles clouds to eliminate odors where they deeply penetrated wood framing and other property. 

Removing and remediating flood damage and can take time, but the savings in property not replaced can add up to thousands of dollars. SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas is proud to help local homeowners and in towns like Cockrell Hill, Kessler, and Oak Cliff put their homes back together and ready for occupation once again. If you need our services, call (214) 463-5880 today. 

For more information on Dallas, click here.

When Flood Causes Damage to Your Home, SERVPRO Offers Big Solutions

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

We have what it takes to clean up the damage and restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Small Amount of Flood Damage, Large Odor in Dallas Home

Big D is no stranger to wild weather that results in flood damage. Unfortunately, the intense storms that happen year-round in this area of the country are the cause of small-scale flooding in homes.

Flood damage to a Dallas home should be professionally cleaned up. This type of water intrusion known as a category three black water, a designation that indicates water that is unhealthy for humans to touch or be around. Once cleaned up, the property requires disinfection for safe habitation.

When the water intrusion into the home is small in scale and does not affect much square footage, many homeowners wipe up the water and move on with life. However, water migrates quickly and can penetrate porous objects and wick into sheetrock and behind baseboards rapidly. Weeks, later if the moisture remains in these areas, it looks dry, but secondary issues such as mold, and foul odors become issues.

SERVPRO technicians answered an emergency call to come to a local home that experienced flooding in back entryway three weeks prior. The homeowner had cleaned up the water and assumed it was dry, but a musty odor appeared within the first week and continued to grow day by day and covering up the scent with plug-in deodorizers had not worked.

Our probes and thermal imaging equipment found the baseboards and subflooring had elevated levels of moisture. The area was small, but the odor was significant. We removed the baseboards to let adequate airflow into the damp wall cavity, and used mats hooked up to a suction device to thoroughly dry the subflooring. Lowering moisture below 45% humidity also inhibits the growth of mold, and that is why our technicians take readings during and after the drying process. Afterward, we hand-cleaned all surfaces with our proprietary disinfectants, and the homeowner found no remaining odors after our team completed the cleanup and odor control measures on the room.

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas proudly serves the area mitigating water loss from flood damage to your home. We are available 24/7 to come to your location no matter if it is a large or small issue because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster. (214) 463-5880

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After Wind Has Damaged Your Home In Dallas, Call Our Experts At SERVPRO!

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Our rapid response team can mobilize quickly with effective equipment to protect your property and begin its restoration immediately.

Wind Damage Can Open Your Dallas Home To Flooding

Severe weather can affect Dallas homes in many ways. From torrential rainfall to gale-force winds that can uproot trees and knock over small structures, many properties cannot withstand these conditions for prolonged periods. Wind damage can affect your property severely depending on the force and the direction it travels. With the right conditions, you can lose portions of your siding and shingles off your roof, even if neither of these elements is aging or compromised already.

When siding gets pulled, your gutter system can fail which can lead to flood damage to your Dallas property. What happens in these situations is either a pooling of water around the foundation of your house or direct exposure to runoff and torrential rainfall from the missing siding material. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond fast to storm damages, helping to lessen the impact of flooding on the inside of your house with our advanced equipment and expertise.

From the time that our team first arrives at your home, we can get to work on extraction and emergency board up services and tarping. Depending on the damage to your home, these methods can keep the flood damages from getting worse while extraction and drying get underway. Once the storm has passed, we have professionals ready and able to get to work on restoring the outside of your home as well.

No matter what damage has occurred to your property, we have licensed contractors on our SERVPRO team with years of experience in general construction to offer fast and professional results. This approach for our customers saves them time and money, not to mention the hassle of locating a reputable residential contractor on their own after severe weather that has likely affected numerous houses throughout the community.

Many steps must occur after storm damage has allowed flooding to happen in your home. Our SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas rapid response team can mobilize quickly with effective equipment to protect your property and begin its restoration immediately. Give us a call 24/7 at (214) 463-5880.

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SERVPRO Can Restore Your Dallas Home After Flood Damage

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Our team of experts has the right tools to restore your home after a flood.

Flood Damage can also Occur in Second Level Areas of Homes in Dallas

When your home sits in a relatively low area of Dallas, it can become flooded more easily than homes on higher ground. Something as seemingly benign and necessary as construction a few miles away can cause water to divert from past drainage patterns and cause you problems. 

Other situations can also create problems for Dallas neighborhoods leading up to flood damage. Some of these can pour what seems cleaner water into homes, but SERVPRO treats all flooding as Category 3 water. Cleaning this level up requires sanitation practices after extraction of the water, as well as drying homes' interiors to pre-flood aridity. 

After we extract the water invading your home and remove all the flood damaged areas from walls and floors, we can begin drying everything from top to bottom. Drying second-story areas is also essential because of the amount of evaporation that takes place in flooded structures. Even in colder climates, air currents carry moisture to drier areas. This continues as long as excess moisture remains present. 

To fight this effect and prevent damage from taking place in upper levels of your home, SERVPRO uses air movers to prevent condensation on cooler materials. We also use desiccant machines to extract water vapor from the air. Having these run upstairs is more effective than only using machines where the flooding took place, on ground levels, merely because it catches water molecules where they travel. 

As we finish clearing your home of residual moisture, we can also use our hydroxyl generators to help clean the air of odors. While ozone machines cannot safely run in damp environments without running the risk of discoloring textiles, or in occupied houses, hydroxyl generators do not pose the same risks. Because it uses UV light to neutralize odors at their sources, hydroxyl so safe enough that food-packing facilities use it to improve working conditions without compromising food safety. 

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas has the professionals you need to restore your home in the Bishop Arts District after flood damage threatens your property. Call us for professional mitigation services for this and other types of damage. Our 24-hour service line is (214) 463-5880. 

Visit the Dallas Museum of Art click here for more information.